On a frosty Wednesday morning, September 14th, we began the cultivation of the two fields for our trial hemp crop. While it was cool start, the day quickly heated especially after wrestling a walk-behind rotary hoe for 6 hours. Sure, it's probably a lot easier than walking behind some oxen but probably not by much.

Field 1

Field One got the compelete make over. It was well cultivated and plenty of nutrients were worked into the soil. Field One is close to the dam to ensure it gets a ready supply of water. It's also conveniently placed between a large hill (right) and it's natural drainage point (left). As well as being watered it will be sure to maximise it's catch of natural water flow.

Field 1 - fertilised

Field 2 (below) is high and dry though. No natural water apart from that which falls directly upon it. Field Two was well cultivated but no nutrients have been added to the soil. This field will also not be watered. Seeds will be hand thrown across the field and we'll let nature take it's course. Sink or swim, this field is completely at the mercy of the coming Australian summer.

Field 2

While we got through the day without losing any toes or limbs, it was not without mishap. Although minor, the bolt holding the wheel to the axle worked it's way off late in the day and caused a brief halt (or much deserved rest) in the cultivation.

Busted Wheel

After a little hacking we were on our way again and got the days work done. The next stages will be fencing and then sowing the seeds. The project is now well underway :)