I was pre-selected last night by the Northern Beaches Greens as their candidate for the seat of Pittwater for the NSW state election in March.

I grew up in Mona Vale, and am a long serving member of Mona Vale Surf Club. As a sportsman and surfer, I have a keen awareness of our precious coastal environment. I have extensive experience in business, IT and in investment banking. I have long been an active member of Greenpeace.

As a father of two young boys, my focus is not only on the next election, but on the next generation.

The issue that concerns me most is climate change. Greenhouse gas emissions threaten our wellbeing today, and are likely to have a terrible impact on our children. This issue requires urgent action and real leadership, yet we see state and federal governments locked into a business-as-usual attitude.

I'll be targeting our state's addiction to fossil fuels. I'll be working to see a change in our transport infrastructure, with a renaissance in public transport, reducing the need for inefficient private cars.

Our recent forum on climate change showed me how concerned the community has become about this issue. People are frustrated by our government's slow response.

We ignore nature's warnings at our peril. Any delay means we have more problems to deal with, and less time. We can't afford to go on making such poor decisions.