In a decision that blindsides any notion of impartiality in the Australian ICT advisory board, Senator The Hon. Helen Coonan has appointed Microsoft Australia MD, Steve Vamos, as the chair of the ICT. This is reported in more detail by Rodney Gedda over here at Computer World. Linux Australia president, Jonathan Oxer had some sensible recommendations for the ICT board.

While it's prudent to have business representives on the ICT board, it's time to write to Senator The Hon. Helen Coonan with some well thought out responses to the appointment of the MD of a globally renowned monoplistic, foriegn, corporation to a board who role is to advise the government on ICT matter that will have grave ramifications for the local industry.

Senator The Hon. Helen Coonan can be contaced via email here:

It would be much more productive though, to write a letter, print it off and address it to:

Senator The Hon. Helen Coonan
Level 7, Angel Place
123 Pitt Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Letters get read.