Greens candidate for Mackellar is donating solar panels to his former school, Pittwater High School and challenges other candidates to match him.

Pittwater High School (PHS) is undertaking a project to become a solar power station, a first in Australia. PHS has been joined in this genuinely exciting and practical project by the Northern Beaches Greens and their candidate for Mackellar, Craige McWhirter, who has been the first to come forward with a donation of three solar panels for the project.

Craige believes this project will deliver a number of desirable outcomes for both the school and the wider community, such as:

The project will provide a source of renewable and clean energy, not only for the school but the entire community for many decades to come.

Craige McWhirter said "It is vitally important that projects such as this solar power station occur in our schools to provide a source of hope and inspiration to the community as we grapple with adjusting to the reality of climate change."

"That is why both myself and the Northern Beaches Greens have responded by providing the first three solar panels to get this project started. This is the first step for us in delivering our vision of re-energising Mackellar" Mr McWhirter added.

"At $900 each, two of the solar panels have been paid for by money raised within the Northern Beaches Greens and the third has been paid for by me personally.

"I would like to see the other candidates for Mackellar spend less on their campaign and match the Greens donation of two solar panels. I am also hoping that by paying for one myself, I can encourage other former students to chip in likewise with a solar panel each."

Craige said "I am looking forward to the day when my sons follow my footsteps through the gates of Pittwater High in 2010, by which time PHS will be an icon of renewable energy in our community."

"I firmly hope that this project becomes a beacon for other schools and community groups, enabling and inspiring them to complete similar projects themselves."

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