The recent rise in interest rates will put more pressure on Australian families and the Greens say it could have been avoided.

The Greens warned months ago that the Howard government's $60 billion tax cuts, announced in the May federal budget, would put pressure on inflation.

Greens candidate for Mackellar, Craige McWhirter, says that: "Households in the Northern Beaches are already stretched with high petrol prices, increased medical and food costs. This will be the last straw for many."

"The Greens believe that investing in education and infrastructure would address the underlying economic issues behind this rate rise.

"The $60 billion for tax cuts would buy a lot of schools and hospital beds on the Peninsula. Responsible economic management means addressing the skills shortage and providing the infrastructure, such as great public transport, that we all need." Says Craige.

Australian Greens leader, Senator Bob Brown, says that: "The Howard Government's approach to fiscal policy this year has turned bad public policy into bad economic management. The Greens were the only party to have opposed the inflationary tax cuts to high income earners.

"Australian voters are right to be angry about the most recent interest rate rise. This year's tax cuts have delivered higher interest rates for working families and less revenue to fund improvements in the health and education systems," Senator Brown said.

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