This weekend I will commence my campaign to "Re-energise Mackellar" by taking renewable energy to the people of Sydney's northern beaches Mackellar electorate.

By powering common household items, I will be bringing home the practical reality of solar power at Winnermerey Bay on Saturday, from 10-4pm and Avalon Markets on Sunday, from 10-4pm.

I'll be taking an array of 6 solar panels to public parks, providing an opportunity for people to get hands on experience with solar power. The panels will be running a variety of household electrical goods, such as televisions, water pumps, DVD's, computers and even a Nintendo Wii console.

By taking renewable energy out to the public, I will be demonstrating the viability of renewable energy to the general public and commencing my efforts to re-energise the electorate of Mackellar.

Once people begin to become familiar with renewable energy, they will realise that climate change is not an economic cost but an economic opportunity that this nation cannot afford to miss.

By failing to make renewable energy affordable to the average Australian, Bronwyn Bishop and the Howard government have failed the Australian people by placing their ideological faith in iron-age fuels such as coal and the ironically named "clean coal" before the best advice of our leading scientists and economists who are advocating national investment into renewable energy.

The Greens believe that the transition to renewable energy can provide a jobs-rich era of sustainable economic prosperity. It's an opportunity that we can't afford to miss out on.

More information: Craige McWhirter, 0415958783