The lake dam is full! Except we forgot our camera on the last trip.

The shed we're planning is starting to take shape, in our minds at least and we've staked out our preferred site and done some preliminary sketches, which have been roughed out on napkins, of course ;)

Paddock plans are advancing and the first shovel loads of earth have been turned as the earthship style animal shelters have had their location sorted. Some construction photos will be up after the next trip, along with more detail on how we went about it.

This trip was mostly about planning, finishing fencing and as usual, planting. We planted the following seedlings at our front gate /access road:

We also planted our first apple tree in a prominent location near the lake dam:

Kristina has converted the bus into a nursery, so it looks like a greenhouse will soon be on my construction list. Here's what Kristina has got growing so far in her providence nursery:

On this trip Kristina planted the following additional seeds:

When you add the below non-providence seeds:

We're going to run out of space in the bus pretty soon!