Fencing, lots of it. Not with an epee but with poles, star pickets, pole drivers, wallaby wire and the neighbours big blue tractor. Best part of a kilometre so far. That's what we've been doing lately and we've still got a fair bit to go yet until this section is finished.

As the photo gives away, it's been a little wet even though rainfall has so far been below average for June.

We've bought three alpacas, Penelope, Creampuff and Callisto. Both Creampuff and Callisto are pregnant so I guess that makes five. Penelope will hopefully be mated in late spring / early summer.

Here's a couple of snaps of the fencing:

Big Blue

A Fence!

We've also been busy planting with another dozen plants going in along the creek line, continuing the same two varieties we've already been planting:

Taking the total of each to twelve. The wallabies have been enjoying our planting of un-intentional free feed so we've taken some of the tyres we were going to use as walls of the sheep shelter, some stakes and a little chicken wire to keep them at bay. Let's see how this goes :)