As Easter is all about spring and it's burst of life in the Northern Hemisphere (ignoring the wee superstitious folk who adopted it for their imaginary friend), it's all about the burst of life here at the moment too.

We've had our three alpacas arrive today, after 12 months agistment at Inapari Alpacas.

Our ladies are all pregnant now too, taking the tally of pregnant ladies on our farm to four - three alpacas and one human :) All four are due between May and September, which will make for a busy winter. I think the spacing ought to be sane though.

There was a weird stand-off moment as the sheep and goats all sized up the new arrivals, eerily reminded me of a scene from "Babe" ( I could almost hear Magda's voice...).

We're also yet to determine a naming theme for our alpaca cria, if you have any suggestions please drop a comment :)

Anyway, here are some happy snaps: