If you feel that truthful, accurate and factual information are the foundations of life and democracy, place a high priority on the protection of human rights and freedoms, transparency of governmental, corporate and NGO policy but live in Tasmania, then you'll probably be a little disappointed to know that the WikiLeaks Party are yet to field a candidate in Tasmania for the 2013 federal election. Based on private conversations I've had with them, they're looking unlikely to do so.

If this does disappoint you, you can email the WikiLeaks Party and encourage them to run a candidate in Tasmania. If you're unsure what to write, here's something you could cut'n'paste into an email:

Dear WikiLeaks Party people,

As a resident of Tasmania, I'm disappointed that you've been thus far unable to field a candidate here in Tasmania for the 2013 federal election. There is no state in Australia that is in more urgent need of truthful and transparent government than Tasmania.

I hope you can find a suitable candidate and provide a way for me to register my vote for these values.

...or something like that. Get those letters in :-D