I didn't have much to give this year but what I did give turned out to have a theme. In chronological order, here's where I gave money in 2013:

Mozilla Foundation

Mozilla Foundation logo

The Mozilla Foundation is primarily responsible for producing the Firefox web browser, the Thunderbird email client and Persona, a secure single sign-in system for the web. Whilst each of these are primary tools for me, Mozilla produces a wide number of products that are working to keep the internet open and accessible. The Mozilla Manifesto is a worthwhile read.

They also a sent a plush Mozilla which a favourite of Hamish.

Pirate Party Australia

Pirate Party Australia logo

This is a more direct political approach to ensuring there's a political voice for civil liberties, digital liberties and government transparency. I was very impressed with how this new party handled itself at the 2013 Federal Election and sent them my support to ensure they contest again in the future.

Wikimedia Foundation

Wikimedia Foundation logo

This a non-profit organisation which runs Wikipedia and a large swag of other useful projects which benefit us all. Contributing to this project was long overdue on my part.