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TasLUG State-Wide Meetup in Ross

Today was the second ever state-wide meetup of the Tasmanian Linux Users Group. Historic Ross put on another beautiful Autumn's day to greet us as the dozen of us filed into Ross Town Hall for some freedom loving goodness :-D

Ross Town Hall

Here's some of the notes I took on the highlights:

  • Chris Neugebauer opened the day with some piano improvisation.
  • Gary demonstrated:
    • Using augemented reality spary can graffiti apps with students in St Helens
    • SuperTuxKart with modified textures to include sponsors logos for a youth week supertuxcart game arcade console
  • Josh Bush demonstrated:
    • FLAT which he wrote last year in the 7 day programming comp. An ice-skating first person shooter, available on GIT hub under GPL.
    • A flashy new Tux logo which may be pilfered for the LCA2015 bid.
    • A CMS he wrote, Para CMS which processes plain text files into HTML.
    • Some new Neverball updates (and announced an Android version is coming!)
    • Other game art he was working on (I missed that start of that)

Stycil Tux

  • Scott Bragg demonstrated:
    • Some of his Raspberry PI environmental monitoring / control systems
    • His qube-sat project which is going into orbit later this year.
  • Tim Serong and Morgan showed off their awesome home made book scanner
  • Henry covered off his Gnucash usage
  • Josh covered twolofbees usage of the GIMP and inkscape to produce art
  • I demonstrated my use of, and
  • Tim Serong gave his "WTF is OpenStack?" talk

It's only a few bullet points but the day was choc-full of interesting insights into what interesting projects others in Tasmania are using Free Software for.

Thanks every one!

Hamish leads the artillery division into Ross

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