I take no pleasure in this update, as I had high hopes for the values the WikiLeaks Party espoused. However it's clear that this party is imploding in rather spectacular style. Earlier today they released this welcome promise of an indpendent review of what went wrong with their preference deals:

The Party is also announcing it will hold an independent review into the preference communication and GVT compilation processes. If necessary, the Party will also issue instructions to its members and supporters in the states concerned, on how to vote below the line.


The review will also examine how the Party can improve its preferences decision-making process to ensure that a similar situation is unlikely to arise in future elections.

This announcement is very welcome. However it appears that it masks a party that is looking increasingly still born. This evening it was reported that Assange's running mate in Victoria has packed her bags and headed for the exit in disgust.

As long as I believed there was a chance that democracy, transparency and accountability could prevail in the party I was willing to stay on and fight for it. But where a party member makes a bid to subvert the party's own processes, asking others to join in a secret, alternative power centre that subverts the properly constituted one, nothing makes sense anymore.

This is an unacceptable mode of operation for any organisation but even more so for an organisation explicitly committed to democracy, transparency and accountability.

I couldn't agree more. It's a sorry display of how irrepairable things are in the WikiLeaks Party that someone of Ms Cannold's character feels her only option is to resign. The story also claimed that the aforementioned review would not be external and would be held after the election.

Looks to me like the WikiLeaks Party are dead on arrival, which is a great shame.

Unsurprisingly, I've not had a response to my membership resignation letter. I no longer expect one either.

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