Earlier this year, after reading their election platform documents, I joined the WikiLeaks Party as I believe that a genuinely transparent government would also deliver the other expectations I have of good government. Unfortunately they have fallen at the first hurdle and I resigned my membership in the below letter:

The AEC recently released preferences as submitted by each of the parties participating in 2013 Federal election. To my surprise, the WikiLeaks Party preferenced parties not aligned with the values of transparency and accountability ahead of those that are:

before the Australian Greens, for example.

Transparency and accountability along with Julian Assange directly, have had no greater champion in the Australian Parliament then the Australian Greens and in particular, Greens WA senator Scott Ludlam.

Directing your preferences in the manner you have is a betrayal of the expectations of those who expect a vote for the WikiLeaks Party to result in greater transparency and accountability in parliament.

The statement on your Facebook page that puts this down to "administrative errors" is either gross incompetence or outright deceit. In either case it dramatically underscores that the WikiLeaks Party is not worthy of my membership or the vote of those seeking greater transparency in the Australian government.

Far from being "part of real change", you've demonstrated that you are part of the status quo.

I'm bitterly disappointed that the Wikileaks Party has fallen so badly at the first test and cannot support this party with either my membership or my vote.

This was such a momentous and poor decision that The WikiLeaks Party's WA Volunteer Coordinator announced her resignation after the allocation was revealed. You can read more in this Crikey article too.

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