Since moving to Tasmania four and a half years ago, the Winter solstice has taken on an increasing level of importance in our lives. The significance of the days getting longer again actually has some genuine meaning.

Our farm on the morning of the Winter Solstice

So Hamish and I hit Cockle Creek and the walk to the ruins at Fisher's Point.

Hamish finds a monster crab

Hamish had to knock down all the sand walls

The surf was up at Fishers Point and Hamish threw a look that would be familiar to some:

Hamish watching the surf

After a big day at the bottom of the continent, we met Kristina at Cygnet for the lantern parade:

Cygnet Lantern Parade

The Cygnet bonfire

Hamish, Kristina and Sen watching the fire go up

That was a big day. On Sunday though, we celebrated the Winter solstice with some gifts (Melaleuca and Huon Pine necklaces, some Star Wars and Cars figurines and jigsaw puzzles) and a bonfire of our own in the evening:

Bonfire on the farm

Celebrating the Winter solstice as we did this year was better than christmas and feels like New Years' Day. Of course, that's why it's celebrated when it is in the northern hemisphere.