The Scenario:

Imagine that there's been a tumultuous cut over from one website to another that's left you with over 6,000+ broken links ruining your search engine foo. As a sysadmin you can't fix the missing content but you can bring some peace to those 404s.

You programatically converted a report of those 6,000+ URLs into an Apache redirect file, reloaded Apache tested a couple of redirects manually and they were fine but you're not going to manually test those 6,000+ URLs are you? (the answer's "no", in case you're unsure).

My Nasty Hack Solution

I wrote to address testing workload (available from my git repo or via github). When run, asks for where the file of raw URLs is and where you would like any links that are still broken saved to.

Sample Input File of URLs to be Tested

$ cat /tmp/URLs.txt

When you run, your output will be similar to the below:

$ ./
Enter the path and file name that contains the broken URLs:
Enter the full or relative path & file name for the list of still broken URLs:
Now checking:
Now checking:
Now checking:

Total URLs in the file: 3
Total URLs still broken: 1 /tmp/broken.txt

The output to the requested broken.txt looks like this:

Happy hunting still broken URLs :-)