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Embed RoundCube In ownCloud

This describes how to get your RoundCube 0.9.5 instance embedded into your ownCloud 6.x installation. You would this primarily as a convenience for heavy ownCloud users, so they don't need to leave ownCloud to interact with their webmail client.

On Your Server:

  • Download the roundcube app from the ownCloud apps repo.
  • Unzip it in your ownCloud web root (usually /var/www/owncloud)
  • Set the permissions to be readable by your webserver:

In a Debian installation, that looks like this

$ sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/owncloud/apps/roundcube

Inside ownCloud's Web Interface

  • Scroll down the apps menu and click on the +Apps icon ownCloud Apps
  • Scoll down till you see RoundCube Mail and select it.
  • Press Enable ownCloud Enable RoundCube
  • Click on your name in the top-right hand corner to reveal your menu.
  • Press Admin ownCloud Admin
  • Scroll down to RoundCube Settings.
  • In Basic Settings type the absolute path to the RoundCube installation, usually /roundcube/
  • Press Save. ownCloud RoundCube Settings

Log into RoundCube Mail inside ownCloud

  • Click on your name in the top-right hand corner to reveal your menu again.
  • Press Personal
  • Scroll down to RoundCube Mailaccount and enter your username and password.
  • Click on the Webmail icon in the apps menu on the left ownCloud Webmail

You should now see the app logging you in and after a few seconds, hey presto, there's your RoundCube session inside ownCloud.

ownCloud RoundCube

ownCloud RoundCube

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