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LCA2014 - Friday

These are my raw notes from talks held on Friday at LCA2014. May contain errors, mis-heard quotes. Also completely un-reviewed or spell checked:


Deploying software updates to ArduSat in orbit by Jonathan Oxer

Arduino and Cubesat - ArduSat can allow every child to put an experiment into space as part of their schooling

  • One week's experiment time is < $300
  • Well affordable for schools
  • 30 ArduSats are going to be launched every year over the next 5 years
  • 500 thousand school kids will be participating
  • Power supply module has 2800mA/h
  • Uses amatuer band radio for communication (encrypted)
  • Orbit is 90 minutes long
  • CubeSat gets slammed from -40C to +80C every 90 minutes


  • Release of designs with out attracting black helicopters
  • Satellite technology is listed as a weapon
  • Collaborating with UNSW on a flight computer

The future

Water propelled cubesat with 2.5L of water has enough propellent to reach Mars.

Raspberry Pi Hacks: Building Great Pi Projects by Tom Callaway and Ruth Suehle

  • Authors of "Raspberry Pi Hacks" - discount code: authd
  • Designed for educational use and intended for Python
  • There are solar powered raspberry pi labs
  • have free shipping to Australia
  • HDMI displa, PAL / NTCS / DSI. No VGA
  • Atrix Lapdock can be used as a screen.
  • USB touch screens available
  • Occidentalis is a good hacking distro
  • NOOBS good for kids hacking on rPI
  • Needs a clean 5v - do not use laptop UCB ports for power. Do buy a power supply
  • Do grab a case.
  • Useful mini camera available
  • Lego (TARDIS) Case (you can but one too)
  • Use an old gameboy case.
  • PIP Boy case
  • Game emulating up to PS2
  • Scratch is included - teaches coding
  • Google Coder for teaching to teach HTML java nodejs
  • New SETI programme
  • PiGate - rPI stargate
  • PiLorean!
  • PiFM - turn it into an FM transmitter
  • Tux photobooth
  • RaspBMC - XBMC
  • Ardiuno hacks available
  • R2DR pi :-)
  • Video game table out of IKEA parts

Simple DIY Engine Management for simple software hackers by Josh Stewart


  • Existing Options are:
  • Too closed
  • Too expensive
  • Too complex
  • Too hacker unfriendly
  • Good for learning how it works
  • Goal: Engine management system for $100 - usable in the real world


  • Engine Speed
  • Engine Position
  • Engine Load
  • Engine Temp
  • Air temp
  • O2 reading


  • Volumetric Efficiency - measuring the engines efficuency pumping air
  • Often only about 80% VE
  • Fuel algorithm is a fixed constant based on fuel required against 100% VE

The Bits

  • Arduino Mega 2560
  • IO Shield
  • 4 injector circuits
  • 4 ignitions control circuits
  • Relevent protection for 12v power


  • Math capabilities
  • Slow IO
  • Results with timing / accuracy


  • Has an autotune function

Processing Continuous Integration Log Events for Great Good by Clark Boylan

Project Gating

  • Tests run on all proposed patches
  • Code merges are gated on tests
  • Ensure code quality
  • Protects developers
  • Protects code tree quality
  • Tests run continuosly.

Log Archive

  • Logs on disk
  • Fronted by Apache and mod_autoindex
  • Lots of data, no information


  • Often not the fault of newly submitted code
  • 1% failures (race conditions / hardware)
  • "recheck" comments automate rechecks
  • Bug:failure relationships are manual

Need Something Different

  • Accessbile logs with good UI, REST API & query language
  • Lots of existing options.
  • Went with Logstash, Kibana, ElasticSearch
  • Near realtime reults


  • Collects logs from untrausted Jenkins slaves
  • Redis is unreliable at this scale
  • Can't index all logs due to volume
  • 1.3 billion logs events archived
  • 72 thousand queries
  • Doesn't currently tie back to Launchpad
  • CRM114 SPAM filter helps identify probable success / failures "probablistic diffs"

Provisioning Bare Metal with OpenStack by Devananda van der Veen

  • Blocker to adoption is complexity of OpenStack install.
  • To resolve this installation to bare metal is critical
  • Ironic-conductor and ironic-api manage the hardware divers and abstracts them from Nova and other components

Openstack is not a virualisation layer, it's an abstraction layer

  • Consistent updates
  • nodes remapped to conductors
  • take-over hooks fire up

Conference Close

  • LCA2015 in Auckland
  • LCA2016 in Geelong

Lightning Talks

  • Freedombox 0.2 release coming out in a few weeks
  • OneRNG - hardware random number generator
  • Central Coast starting up
  • dlect - Lecture Recording Downloader
  • Debian is cool
  • EFA need volunteers