These are my raw notes from talks held on Monday at LCA2014. May contain errors, mis-heard quotes. Also completely un-reviewed or spell checked:


Dr Suelette Dreyfus - The Surviellance State

System Administration Miniconf

How to keep track of puppet with Foreman - Glen Ogilvie

Open Sourcing your entire Puppet configuration - Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph

Providing a continuously updated ITIL CMDB - Alan Robertson

Ansible and Vagrant - Daniel Hall

Scalable SOE deployments - Matthew Cengia

'Quality of Service', a common misconception - Julien Goodwin

Custom equipment monitoring with OpenWRT and Carambola - Andrew McDonnell

Dualstack Firewalling with husk - Phillip Smith

Optimizing Linux memory usage - Sander van Vugt

RatticDB - Elizabeta Sørensen

Coming up to speed on Chef within AWS - Josh Mesilane

Howto Reliably Replicate Block Devices, even over Long Distances - Thomas Schöbel-Theuer

Better Living Through Statistics - Jamie Wilkinson

Performance Co-pilot, checkmk are possible solutions. is a useful disucssion place

Running virtualized Galera instances - Raghavendra Prabhu

The Six Stages of systemd - Rodger Donaldson

Scaling Graphite - Devdas Bhagat

Thinking outside the box - Steven McDonald

Practical Crypto BoF