These are my raw notes from talks held on Thursday at LCA2014. May contain errors, mis-heard quotes. Also completely un-reviewed or spell checked:


Matthew Garrett

Security for 2014

Without verified boot you are insecure. With verified boot you may be insecure.

Rapid OpenStack Deployment for Novices and Experts Alike by Florian Haas

Rough overview of OpenStack Architecture
Tutorial Architecture

Test the puppet architecture:

$ puppet agent --test

Set classes via puppet dashboard to define the node's roles

$ puppet agent --runinterval 10

Horizon: * A good understanding of the architecture is required to effectively troubleshoot * Start in the nova-api logs for an error * Check the scheduler logs * Has it found a suitable host? * available hosts may be out of memory * Not responded * nova list or nova show can you which hypervizor has been selected to run it up * Look at the logs for nova compute on that host.

Should find a clear error in 99% of cases...

Writing your first web app using Python and Flask by Danielle Madeley

Debian on AWS by James Bromberger

How is Debian using AWS:
Who's using it?
Official Debian images on EC2
Creating the Officail AMIs
Why Debian on AWS?