These are my raw notes from talks held on Wednesday at LCA2014. May contain errors, mis-heard quotes. Also completely un-reviewed or spell checked:

Lightning Talks / Conference Open

Discovery and Monitoring without limit using the Assimilation Project by Alan Robertson

Problems Addressed
Unique Powerful Features
Uniformly, fully distributed work
Architectural Components
Discovery API
Current Status

Linception: Playing with containers under linux by Jay Coles

Building Effective Alliances around the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement by sky croeser

What Can You Do?
Political Landscape
Groups with a Tech Focus
Broader Coalitions
Draw on other strategies
Direct Action
Internal Strategies

Hierarchical infrastructure description for your system management needs by Martin Krafft

Finding signal in the monitoring noise with Flapjack by Lindsay Holmwood and Jesse Reynolds

Other Features:

Live upgrading many thousands of servers from an ancient RedHat 7.1 to a 10 year newer Debian by Marc MERLIN