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Keynote: Designed for education: a Python solution

by Carrie Anne Philbin

Excellent keynote on using Python in education. Many interesting insights into what's being done well, what needs improving and how to contribute.

Slow Down, Compose Yourself - How Composition Can Help You Write Modular, Testable Code

by Amber "Hawkie" Brown

Tales from Managing an Open Source Python Game

by Josh Bartlett

Ansible, Simplicity, and the Zen of Python

by Todd Owen (

Docker + Python

by Tim Butler

Testing ain't hard, even for SysAdmins

by Geoff Crompton

Python on the move: The state of mobile Python

by Russell Keith-Magee

Journey to becoming a Developer: an Administrators story

by Victor Palma

Guarding the gate with Zuul

by Joshua Hesketh