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An Open Letter to the Bishop of Rockhampton

Good evening Michael. How are you?

I had the pleasure this morning of reading your stance against the Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation being considered by the Queensland Government.

I was surprised however to see that such a learned disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ was advocating to prolong the agony, pain and suffering of the vulnerable in our community.

My wife has a form of cancer for which there is no cure. Fiona suffers greatly every day and yet is a tower of strength and inspiration to those who know her and a beacon of hope to cancer sufferers around the world.

Despite this, Fiona knows that at some point the pain is going to be too great, even for her, after many years of suffering the pain will be overwhelming.

Your position on this legislation directly advocates prolonged suffering of many, many beautiful people in our community is directly at odds with Jesus' most valuable teachings - compassion.

We would like the opportunity to meet with you this week to both discuss this issue and invite you to come and live with us for a month in our home. This offer provides you with an opportunity to answer the question from 1 John 2:3-6 - how would Jesus walk in our shoes?

It's only a couple of blocks from the Cathedral, you could even walk daily with our young children to TCC - they would appreciate such a wonderful learning opportunity and they have many, many questions that need answering.

Our home is inviting and comfortable. We value compassion, music, learning, community volunteering and sport. Our library is well stocked with what I expect is the best personal library in Central Queensland.

Whilst staying with us you will not only gain an understanding of how people with incurable cancer suffer but you can join us, walking in Jesus' footsteps as we provide food, tea and coffee for the homeless on the waterfront.

Please let me know a time when the three of us can meet to discuss this.

Thank you in advance with love from Craige and Fiona.